Projects: Grand Opening of Spreewelten Hotel

After 18 months of construction, the Spreewelten Hotel in Lübbenau was ceremoniously opened on February 22nd. The new hotel  is connected to the indoor waterpark Spreewelten, famous for its option to swim with penguins.

The mixture of apartments and double rooms serves the needs of the two different target groups: families and wellbeing guests. The rustic, modern design once again takes up the local topics of Spreewald-nature and penguins.

PROFUND Consult had accompanied the project since 2015 when the municipality needed a neutral evaluation. Due to a positive feasibility study the public operator of the waterpark – Spreewelten GmbH – has invested 11 million Euros in the ambitious development, designed by the architects of dan pearlman experience architecture.

We congratulate the city of Lübbenau and the waterpark operator Spreewelten GmbH to this authentic and unique hotel development as part of the very special leisure destination SPREEWELTEN.

See reference: Spreewelten Hotel Lübbenau

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